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NOT A FOX Publishing represents a diverse range of musical styles.
From Vocal Jazz to Futuristic Sounds,  that specific sound you are looking for could just be one click away. 
And to make your life easier, all of our represented work is ONE STOP clearance. No need to waste your time chasing after different stakeholders. NOT A FOX Publishing is closely connected with creatives, so you can always reach out for bespoke commissions and exclusive compositions. Getting that specific sound created just for you !

“Lo-Fi Ambient” is a collection of aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, chilled songs with or without vocals in the original compositions. The perfect soundtrack for many purposes!

“Jazz ’n Sax” is an all original, new material, critically acclaimed Jazz album that is suitable for many sync opportunities without being just another version of an old classic.

Sometimes less is more. In “Piano plus One” (other instrument) is providing the right backdrop for your project. From tension and fear to romance and love!

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About us

NOT A FOX Publishing GmbH is an independent, boutique music publisher in the heart of the Metropole of Hamburg – Germany.

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We are working with a small, select group of international composers and artist and constantly adding to our talentpool. Interested? 

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In this section we highlight the work of one of our artist as example of the quality of work we represent. Commissions possible! 

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About us

Connect with music that inspires.

Not A Fox Publishing is a boutique music publisher in the heart of Hamburg, Germany’s second largest Metropole, and home to many of its film and music studios.

We choose to put quality above quantity and act as a “one stop solution” to our customers.

Global clearance for all your music needs.

Due to the close relationship we have with our associated creatives you can always approach us for bespoke compositions. And because our represented work is released through our own record label we can guarantee clearance of the mastering rights.

NOT A FOX Publishing GmbH registred with the PRO GEMA.

Languages: At NOT A FOX Publishing we speak

English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Espanol en Nederlands.

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Please take a few minutes to tell us more about who you are – it will help us to learn what our customers are looking for and where they are from so we can constantly improve our catalogue. 

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We use this space to showcase one of the many talents we work with. This time: multiLingual Composer & Sound Designer Beatrice Betley

Check out our COMPLETE LIBRARY today
Artist Portal

We love music as much as you do

NOT A FOX Publishing GmbH beleives in a transparent relationship with its artists. Therefor we work with fixed, agreed fees for assosiation with us and a no cure – no pay system for placements. And it is your choice to entrust your work exclusivly to us – or not. 


We are always interested in new talent! At NOT A FOX Publishing we are interested in all genres and all styles. Music is so diverse and that is what we love! So even if you specialize in a niche genre, do not hesitate to approach us. What we do expect is professionalism.

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